The Gospel Plan of Salvation

 God's Part

  1.  The love of God for man(John 3:16)
  2. He gave Christ as the Saviour(Luke 19:10)
  3. He sent the Holy Spirit as a guide(John 16:13)
  4. He gave the Gospel as "the power" unto salvation(Romans 1:16)
  5. He provided atonement by the blood of Christ(Romans 5:9, Colossians 1:14)

 Man's Part

  1. Hear the Gospel (Romans 10:17; John 8:32)
  2. Believe the Gospel(Hebrews 11:6;John 20:31)
  3. Repent of past sins(Luke 13:3; Acts 17:30)
  4. Confess faith in Christ (Romans 10:10; Mathew 10:32)
  5. Be baptized (Galatians 3:27; Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38)
  6. Be faithful unto death(Revelations 2:10)

 God has done his part. Will you do yours?


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Calendar of Services

Lord's Day

TV Broadcast - Channel 3 (In Search of the Lord's Way) - 8:00 am

Early Worship - 7:45 am
Sunday School - 9:20 am
Morning Worship - 10:40 am


Men's Training Class - 7:00 pm
Ladies' Bible Study - 7:00 pm

Real Talk (Girls ages 12-18) - 7:15 pm
Young Men's Mentoring (12-18) - 7:00 pm
Support Group - 7:30 pm


Bible Study (All Ages) - 10:00 am
Bible Study (All Ages) - 7:00 pm


Conference With the Elders - 6:30 pm

The Church of Christ
This church is comprised of a group of people who are drawn together for work and worship by a common faith in Jesus Christ and by a mutual respect for His word. We believe the church is God's creation (Mathew 16:18), and we are simply trying to be "The house of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth"(1 Timothy 3:15). Our hope is the eternal home in Heaven(John 14:1-3). Our plea is: Speak where the Bible speaks, be silent where the Bible is silent. Our invitation is "Come, let us reason together"(Isaiah 1:18). All people of good will are welcome at every assembly.

We would like for you to make a careful comparison of this church with the one described in details of your Bible. We believe that you will find that this church is not similar to, but is identical in every way to the church you read about in the New Testament. This isn't an exclusive or wealthy church, everything about it is very simple, and it is not its purpose to fee vanity or pride with a display of things.
It is not the aim to amuse or entertain those who attend its services. It exists here as a simple New Testament body, pointing those of its community to the Christ and God of the Bible. Its doors are open to those who from the quiet depths of their hearts would reach out to God in simple worship and by obedient living.

Here may the sorrowful enter and be comforted, may the tired and tempted souls find stregth for the battle of life. May the careless be awakened and the strong renewed, may the aged find solace and the young find inspiration. And to him who seeks to serve his fellow man, we give a noble place and task, in Jesus Christ our Lord
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